dainefemme: Fallow Doe of The Three Ravens Ballad

"To render 'fallow doe' literally presents three problems incapable of solution: 1) How does the doe get past the knight's hounds?; 2) How does the doe manage to "lift up his bloudy hed"?; 3) How does the doe manage to fill the grave (if we assume it already dug)? . . . However, if we take 'fallow doe' as a metaphor for a woman two new problems arise: 1) What is the significance of the epithet?; 2) The tasks of getting the knight on her back and carrying him to a grave require a strength which is inconguous with her attributes of tenderness and loving concern. These problems strongly suggest the need of some third alternative, and one is readily available; viz, this "fallow doe" is a centaur-like woman, or to coin a word, a dainefemme(deerwoman), presumably possessing nymph-like qualities."
From The Three Ravens Explicated.


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